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This is one of the oldest rituals the body relaxing and cleansing.

A sauna- the traditional Finnish bath- is known practically all over the world. For Finns the sauna is a sacred notion. This is a place, where peace reigns. Here you cannot quarrel. ďSteam disperses in angerĒ, - the Finns affirm. And dry steam is just that that distinguishes the sauna from the Russian or Finnish bath. The steam refreshes the body and calms the soul. Wood, emitting the healthy fragrance, intensifies the therapeutic influence of the sauna on the manís health. When you visit our Finnish sauna, you will understand why it is rendered odes and praised all over the world. You can combine the pleasure with the useful: the pleasure-to warm, to breathe with ďliveĒ air, filled by healthy fragrances of herbs; and the useful l-to relax and   to be alone.

The real sauna is able to clean the body and purify the soul. A good influence of the sauna on health is obvious: the warm opens skin pores and clears the body of chemical waste. It is very useful to have a steam bath in the sauna after physical exercises. The sauna is also a cosmetic care of skin. The skin becomes elastic and healthy after the regular visits of the sauna.

Rules of the sauna usage:

1. Make sure that you have two hours at least. It is recommended not to eat before entering the sauna (itís admissible to have a bite only, using the products, which have the main components to help for clearing the body of chemical waste (detoxication)).

2. It is not recommended to enter the sauna in clothes and wrap excessively, because it decreases the sauna effect! Donít wear any decorations and jewelleries!

3. As soon as you get to a bath or a sauna, donít hurry to a steam room. Before entering the steam room itís necessary to have a shower with soap and rub your body dry. Itís necessary for skin moistening and washing different body smells and perfumes off, what is inadmissible to have in the sauna. But in any case donít wet your hair before entering the steam room not to cause the head overheating. You should put on a towel or a special hat on your head -it will prevent heat stroke. It should be noted the special harm of rubber hats, which are used by some bath ďspecialistsĒ. A tight hat presses out the head and squeezes blood vessels and its wearing leads to headache, indispositions, and giddinesses at least.

4.  If you have cold feet before coming in the sauna, you should warm them in warm water.

5. It is not recommended to come wet into the sauna. After a shower you should rub yourself with a terry towel.

6. While taking a steam bath in the Finnish sauna you should limit or exclude water delivery on hot stones. Rising of temperature in the steam room is achieved by heating of dry air with burning hot stones and electrical heater, but not splashing the water on them. Due to hitting of the water on stones arises the feelling of skin pricking and burning, provoked by appearing the steam in the air. It is impossible to reduce humidity quickly, thatís why you should leave the steam room.

7. The most appropriate temperature in the Finnish bath is +80-90—. In a good warmed sauna the temperature arises per 20 į— for each 50 cm. When you have come to the steam room, donít lie down on the upper berth so far as you should accustom to the temperature by degrees. It is better to lie on down berths in horizontal position, relax your muscles and only after it you can lift step-by-step to upper berths. Besides, rousing from the berth, donít get up sharply-you may lose your balance. You should lie down in such way that your legs will be a little bit upper than your head. For the first visit it is enough to take a steam bath not more than 3-7- minutes.

Especially a beginner should remember that he cannot trifle with the steam room. Here you should do everything carefully and step-by-step. Remember, that the steam bath is a therapeutic agent, and, like a medicine, this agent should be taken wisely, not in overdoses.

8. Later, after leaving the steam room, itís necessary to cool shortly during 3-12 minutes and have a rest during 15-30 minutes. As you wish you can drink a little liquid, but avoid alcohol. For example, it is good to sip a cup of strong fresh-welded tea, a glass of kvass, juice or mineral water.

9. You can make 2-3 similar cycles. The second visit can be longer: 10-15 minutes. After the repeat staying in the steam room and short cooling-down you may feel influence of lower temperatures: to take a contrast shower and dip into the pool with cold water. By no means you can overcool and admit a shivery. You should get accustom step-by-step to everything, especially to cold procedures. After each visit you should make a short break (20-30 minutes). Then, you can repeat the visits again. Every further visit is increased in 1-2 minutes. You can make so many visits as you want! Between the repeat visits to the sauna itís useful to make dousing with cold water. For many steamers itís enough 2 rounds (sauna visits).

Although all bath procedure should not take more than 3 hours. And the total staying in the steam room should not be more than 35-40 minutes.

10. After finishing the procedure of sauna visiting you should take a shower again, wash your hair and have a rest during 20-30 minutes. So far as during the steaming our body loses the water and the skin becomes dry, after taking a shower, it is obligatory to use a moisten lotion or a body milk. You should put on your clothes only after you will get cold.


Staying in a sauna, it is necessary to control your feeling constantly. You can control it according to the heart rate, if before the sauna your pulse is 60-80 beats per a minute, that on the 8-10 minute of the first visit it can become more rapid till 110-120 beats per a minute, on the 10-12 minute of the second visit it can become more rapid till 120-140 beats per a minute, after a rest the pulse become less rapid till 80 beats per a minute.

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