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An area, where a village Kurortnoye (Shchebetovka) is situated, has been inhabited since ancient times. Gravestones, which had been founded here, were dated back to XIV-XVI centuries. Quiet and cosy village Kurortnoye (formerly Shchebetovka) is located near Feodosiya, in a coastal valley, and is surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges of the Kara-Dag volcanic massif and the spurs of Echki-Dag Mountain. Rest in Kurortnoye- is beautiful pebble beaches, a vast park area and a magnificent embankment, drowning in roses, - all these make an ideal environment for a romantic getaway. Climate promotes the treatment of the upper respiratory tract, asthmatic and nervously-somatic illnesses. The village is connected with a city by buses and “fixed route taxis”. The nearest railway station is in Feodosiya. Transport connection: Alushta-Kerch, Sudak-Simferopol.

Up to date we have talked about Koktebel – a spa village. But there is another Koktebel. This name has a famous grapes and wine-making state farm. Its central farm is in 9 kilometers from Planerskoe, in the village of Shchebetovka. So far we have talked about Koktebel - Resort. But there is another Koktebel. This name is famous and grape and wine farm. Its central mansion –is in the nine kilometers from Planerskoe, in the village of Shchebetovka.

Griboedov liked these places once.  “The prettiest zone of this part of the Crimea is Otuzy as for me, -he wrote to his friend Begichev. - I came at a gallop here late at night, in moonlight”. Sudak – Otuzy – Feodosiya- that was the route of a travel around the Eastern Crimea, which A.S. Griboedov made one hundred and fifty years ago.  From here he directed to Kerch, then to the Caucasus.

Otuzy is a formerly name of Shchebetovka. “Otuz” -in the Tatar language is “thirty” – so many homesteads had been left here after Greeks resettlement in 1778. A river that runs here and to this day called the Otuz River. A fertile valley, which is protected by mountains from three sides, attracted people since olden times. An archeologist A. Ya. Bryusov (brother of the poet) investigated the Bronze Age settlement at Cape Chalka in 1948. He discovered the remains of residential houses, made of crushed stone. Fragments of modelled ornamented ceramics, flint and bone tools are accounted more than three and a half millennia.

Crimean archeologists discovered in the mouth of the Otuz Valley, near the village of Kurortnoye (former - Lower Otuzy), early medieval settlement with temples, residential houses and burial ground in 1974-1975. It was founded at the end of VII century, possibly, by Byzantines, farmers and wine-makers, who built here their own temple.

On the high coast hill of Kordon-Oba (Watch Hill) the same expedition discovered the ruins of “donjon” – a fort tower of another epoch –period of Italian colonies in the Crimea.

At the end of the XIII century the Crimean deputy of Khan of Golden Horde ceded the Otuz Valley and a harbor to Venetians. In 1365 it was captured by Genoeses. Inscriptions on tombstones of the ancient graveyard give us the opportunity to think that the settlement Otuz had been already existed in the XIV century. In Genoese’s sources it had been firstly mentioned in 1461. By the beginning of the XIX century in Otuz there were 40 homesteads and 172 inhabitants, and in 1885 here it had been already living 1200 people (and it was in that time when Koktebel was a tiny, almost unknown village). Composition of the population was extraordinary mixed: Tatars, Armenians, Jews, Germans, Karaites, Russian, and Ukrainian.)

 “As the sea defines all life of Koktebel, so the grapes sets the tone for the Otuz valley”, - wrote at the beginning of this century the author of “The Crimean essays” S. Yelpat’evskyi.

Many famous names are associated with Otuz. Before the revolution here it was situated a house of General Marks N.A. Old-timers of Shchebetovka still remember this extraordinary person. General Nikanor A. Marks – Chief of the Odessa Military District – was a professor, gave lectures on the ancient Russian law at the Archaeological Institute, which he graduated already in the rank of major general, when he was forty-nine years old.

Marks was an outstanding historian, archeologist, and paleographer. He collected in the Crimea a great number of folk legends and published them in three editions in Moscow and Odessa. After the death of General, V. Veresaev was preparing for publishing the folklore, collected by the scientist.

Near Marks’ house is situated a house of an artist Artzeulov K.K. on the Russian Settlement. His mother was the fourth daughter of Aivazovskiy I.K. and had lived here until 1920. Her house was famous for musical concerts, which the landlady made. Here little Kostya was growing up, the future famous pilot. For the first time in the world in 1916 he made the premeditated “spin” with coming out from it. And after, for a long time, he was famous not less than Nesterov who made the “loop”. 

Now Shchebetovka is one of the most comfortable villages in the Crimea, and three and a half thousands people live here. The houses here are multistoried, with steam heating, bathrooms, gas: there are also one-storied cottages with homestead lands. And holidaymakers don’t drive from Shchebetovka to the sea “on a narrow dust road of the valley”, they drive on an asphalt highway.
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