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Sky gliding
Sky gliding
Sky gliding

To date, sky gliding is one of the easiest, safest and most accessible sports and recreation.


For flies you can simply buy a sky glider or visit a special club. From the bird's eye you can see all the beauty of the land, enjoy the rest, complete freedom. Veins fill with adrenaline, the flight blows you away completely, and you forget about all your problems and completely surrender to the power of a sky glider.


For flights need a hill without vegetation, height above 150 meters. Usually ideal conditions are ski resorts, but fly and in other places, such as in Hodoseevka near Kiev. If there are no conditions, and want to fly, use the following method - a man is speeded and pulled with the special cable - on a plain or water surface. The last method is the safest, if, of course, a person can swim.


Do not confuse sky gliding with parachute jumping. These are completely different things. It flies on the sky glider. And very well is at that. The speed of descending depends on the skill of the pilot and the weather conditions. Usually a good glider develops the speed in the horizontal direction till 20-40 km / h while descending with the speed about 1 m / sec. The flight duration may be 1-2 hours, the length - 30-50 km. But sky gliders with high aerodynamic properties require the high skill of the pilot. Usually it is enough for beginners a glider of the first class, which comes itself from the critical state in 4 seconds. Sky gliders of the second class are used by the experienced sportsmen. The third class is used only by masters, and even then rarely. Because of too complicated aviation and dependence on the weather conditions.

   If you have never flown on a sky glider, you should choose only the 1st class. Another mistake of beginners usually is underestimating of all the seriousness of this kind of sport. Then it is often too late. But if you have taken the course, you have a good glider - that has nothing to fear. Never buy a glider, if you never fly. Also be wary of buying the second-hand and occasional sellers. Firstly, you can buy is not the same glider that fits you, and secondly, an unreliable thing. The sky glider must match your weight. There are specific weight categories, and that it is desirable to have your weight on the middle range.


It is necessary to take:

1. Dense clothing with long sleeves and trousers

2. Dense shoes with thick soles, low heels (boots, trainers, etc.). Gymshoes is strictly not recommended!

3. Gloves (in cold weather - always, in summer - preferably)

4. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you can take a ski or parachute special glasses.


To date, the market of "air services" has not yet formed, but some price trends have been emerged already. For example, a cost of the first flight in Kiev district is about 30 UAH. On mountain resorts Ц is 50-60 UAH. Subsequent flights are usually half the price. A tandem flight with an instructor costs about 50 UAH. The course of 10 lessons with the instructor can "pull" on $ 150. Then you will be taught to jump from a mountain, to aviate a sky glider at a high altitude (1000 meters), long-range flights and technology of long living. After these sessions, a novice can fly by himself. The first introductory training course lasts only 30 minutes, and you can fly already.


In the Crimea, fly in the following locations.


Ai-Petri Mount.

   Ai-Petri Mountain is located at South Coast of the Crimea peninsula near the city of Yalta. The height of start above the sea level is about 1100 meters. Launching pads are few - the nearest one is just 100 meters from a cableway. As landing sites, you can use deserted quays in Alupka, and beaches in Miskhor and Simeiz etc. Should avoid landing on the beaches and area of homes and recreation centers of military structures - possible troubles. Climbing up to the launch pad can be by car or by cableway (the most sensible option). You may sleep on the top of the mountain in a lifeguard house (2 km from the cableway station) or at the recreation center. There are no problems with food too (there are stalls and a market). On the mountain works a local sky gliding school. To get to Ai-Petri possible from a bus station in Yalta, with a shuttle bus (N27 and N27a till the station "Cableway").


Klementyeva Mount.

   Klementyeva Mount (original name - Uzun-Syrt) is located at South Coast of the Crimea, between the city of Feodosiya and the village of Planerskoe (Koktebel), and consists of a ridge, a length of which is about 7 kilometers. The relief let to soar in the dynamic and thermal flows while southern, south-western and northern winds. The southern slope of the mountain is steep and has a vertical drop of 80 to 120 meters. The northern slope is flatter; the elevation is about 60-100 meters. In the vicinity there are scattered mountains and hills under various winds. From Klementyeva Mount to the sea coast is about 7 km, to the village Planerskoe is approximately 7 km, to Feodosiya Ц is about 15 km. At the top of the mountain is the base of delta club (bar, toilet, shower, cabins for accommodation, a place for the tent camp with electricity, parking). The living conditions are comfortable enough (in the house there are twin beds, a wardrobe, a table, cupboards, a sink, electricity). Prices for accommodation can be found by calling directly to the base by phone (806562) 36-222.

   Fly close to the beach also, from nearby mountain. They ride all comers - the heights are small, but for tourists is the most time to fly over the nudist beach. The cost of such a flight is from 60 to 100 UAH depending on the season. The most expensive is in August. Flights are only with the instructor. They fly almost every day, up to the weather.


Agarmysh Mount.

   Agarmysh Mount is located in the vicinity of Old Crimea, in 25 km from Feodosiya. To the start there is a quite decent road which is accessible for any car. The turn on this road, leading to Agarmysh, you can easily find. You can ask the locals. The start is targeted at the north wind. When on Klementyeva Mountain is too weak or strong wind, and flies poorly or not possible, but here you can fly. To the right from the start is a quarry, under which it is almost always possible to find the orderly flow of +2 +3. And the flows are soft and wide. If you'd like you can fly against the wind - in front of there are the endless fields. You may just fly and waste the height and then come back to the quarry and again to climb.

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