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The Crimea
The climate in the Crimea
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The climate in the Crimea
The climate in the Crimea
The climate in the Crimea is very different. And this is especially noticeable when you travel around the coast. At South Coast in winter is colder, in summer is hotter, due to the wall of mountains from North Coast. On West and East coast in winter is warmer, in summer is drier. And the nature is very different. Steppe areas are not characterized by a variety of vegetation, but on South Coast is immediately sharp boundary - tropical palm trees, exotic plants. In March it starts to warm, the average air temperature is about 8 degrees. But it storms often; cold winds blows from the sea. The weather is also very changeable it often rains, the air is damp. On March 8 a lot of tourists go to the Crimea - especially to Yalta and Alushta. This Life is in full swing. If you are lucky with the weather - it will be sunny and warm - if not, rainy and damp. On the rest parts of the Crimean coast at this time is very difficult to find housing because usually it is offered summer houses without heating or the owners leave for winter from the Crimea. Lodging at this time is not cheap. Opening of the season. In May, in the Crimea is already quite warm, and sometimes even hot. Average temperature is about 16 degrees. This is especially noticeable on South Coast, where the air is heated more than on the rest territory. Water in May is warmed till 17 degrees on East Coast - it is quite possible to swim. It already starts to work open-air cafes, increases the proposals of housing. Everybody is trying to finish repairs in apartments and houses. The most popular time in May is the period of 1-10 numbers. Then again is calm till the beginning of June. At the end of May if the weather is hot, may to swim in shallow areas of the coast. In June, is already quite hot. The water warms up enough for swimming. On South Coast the water sometimes abruptly becomes colder due to cold currents. The temperature is changing almost every day, but usually does not drop below 17-18 degrees. So many people in this period go for the rest on West or East Coast of the Crimea. July is the hottest month. The temperature of the water in averaged along the coast reaches 23-24 degrees. And on South Coast, through the cold currents, the water a little cooler is about 21-22 degrees. In August, the temperature of the water and the air is practically unchanged. But it often storms in the sea. The precipitation is even less, the air is drier. In September, the velvet season begins. The air is not already so dry; it becomes a little more precipitation. The average temperature of the air is about 18 degrees, but the temperature of the water decreases by 1-2 degrees only and the average in the Crimea is about 20-21 degrees. People become less at the sea and infrastructure works till the end of September. Prices also fall to the level of May and June. In October has become much colder, the average temperature is about 14 degrees. There are more and more storms and precipitation. The water quickly cools on the shallows near West and East Coast, and slower on South Coast. In December, it is still warm. In Yalta is the warmest - here the average temperature is about 6-7 degrees. In other areas of the Crimea is much colder. Yalta is a popular place for meeting of the New Year. There is no snow here, if the sunny weather is very warm. You can go on trips or just sit in a cafe near the sea. In general, if we compare the climate of the Crimea and Ukraine, the difference between weather conditions is significantly noticeable. Snow falls in the Crimea, but very seldom (usually it melts quickly). In mountains, of course, the snow lasts until April. Compared to the average area of the Ukraine, it is warmer here earlier in spring, and in autumn the cooling is later on 3-4 weeks.
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