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The Crimea
The climate in the Crimea
Sky gliding
The Crimea
The Crimea
The Crimea is a hot sun! The Crimea - is a clear sea! The Crimea is a medical air! Summer holidays in the Crimea will bring a good mood for the whole year, give energy and a lot of impressions. The best place for recovery is the Crimean Peninsula. The juniper forests, hot with the summer sun, give the unique flavor and medicinal properties. The Crimea, indeed, is the fabulous peninsula! In the Crimea there is something mysterious, and therefore there is a desire, among those who have ever been on vacation in the Crimea, to return again and again. Unforgettable impressions left the greatness of the Crimean mountains and greenery. Variety of fruits is the most delicious annex to the rest in the Crimea.
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